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  Title, LocationDue
 Design services for East Street improvements - Fifth Street to Sixth Street, Juneau, AKSep 29
 Walla Walla County Library - Burbank, Burbank, WASep 27
 Haller Park restrooms and community activity shelter, Arlington, WASep 27
 The Klamath Tribes housing project Phase II - Seven new homes, Chiloquin, ORSep 28
 KMHS/BHA Cottages at Forest Park, Bremerton, WASep 28
 Lynden Middle School, new in lieu, Lynden, WASep 28
 DeMolay Sandpit caretaker house, Fox Island, WASep 29
 Public library building community room addition and upgrades - Design/build services, Banks, ORSep 29
 Capital projects office expansion, Puyallup, WASep 29
 UWMC family waiting and admitting space design-build services, Seattle, WASep 29
 PDX parking additions and consolidated rental car facility design-build services, Portland, ORSep 29
 West campus historic buildings exterior preservation, Olympia, WASep 29
 Construction manager/general contractor for May 2016 bond projects, Echo, ORSep 29
 Parks and Rec remodel, Mount Vernon, WAOct 3
 Apas Goudy development, Yakima County, WAOct 4
 Jimmy Huntington K-12 School renovation/addition, Huslia, AKOct 4
 Student affairs and success building - Tenant improvements, Auburn, WAOct 4
 Level 2 build-out, Port Townsend, WAOct 4
 Shelton weld shop, Shelton, WAOct 4
 Mt. Angeles View Phase 1, Port Angeles, WAOct 5
 New fire station, Woodland, WAOct 6
 School of Nursing simulation lab, Seattle, WAOct 6
 Laundry room renovations at Corinthian Apartments, SeaTac, WAOct 6
 Burwood Brewing Building at Walla Walla Regional Airport, Walla Walla, WAOct 11
 Centennial Industrial Parking lot 1 building, Vancouver, WAOct 13
 Pullman Regional Hospital - Surgery Department expansion, Pullman, WAOct 13
 Wahkiakum High School greenhouse construction, Cathlamet, WAOct 17
 Enumclaw High School modernization and new construction, Enumclaw, WAOct 20
 North Thurston High School modernization and additions - Phase 2, Lacey, WAOct 20
 2016 Glazing on-call portwide, Seattle, WASep 27
 Jefferson Terrace generator replacement, Seattle, WASep 27
 Video system upgrade - Ramp camerasSep 27
 Plumbing fixture replacements, Portland, ORSep 27
 Water heaters - Buckman, Duniway and Lent, Portland, ORSep 27
 SVC-Hayes Hall HVAC replacement, Oak Harbor, WASep 27
 GHS - Hot water piping replacement, Olympia, WASep 27
 Interlake High School chiller replacement, Bellevue, WASep 28
 Mayfield Spillway stop log painting, Lewis County, WASep 28
 Hardened containment vent mechanical installation at Columbia Generating Station, Richland, WASep 28
 Highland Park plumbing and HVAC design-build, Beaverton, ORSep 28
 Station 91 Exterior painting, Olympia, WASep 28
 Bellevue Base O&M roof replacement, Bellevue, WASep 29
 CTE HVAC upgrade, SeaTac, WASep 29
 HVAC services - Reissue, Clark County, WASep 29
 Governor's Mansion balustrade replacement and pedestal pavers, Olympia, WASep 29
 Water heater and compressor replacement at East Building - Rebid, Kirkland, WASep 29
 Interior common area painting at Corinthian Apartments, SeaTac, WASep 29
 City Hall campus standby generator, Pacific, WASep 30
 BYD EBUS charging station, Wenatchee, WASep 30
 Chain link fencing at Chief Joseph Hatchery, Bridgeport, WAOct 3
 Wind River Business Park - Siding project processing center, Skamania County, WAOct 3
 Feed preparation mixing building - Install platform for cyclone cleaning, Pullman, WAOct 4
 LaCreole Manor elevator cab rehabilitation, Dallas, OROct 4
 Tension fabric structure installation, Chelan County, WAOct 5
 2016 SFCC Magnuson fire alarm replacement, Spokane, WAOct 5
 Carpentry, Snohomish County, WAOct 6
 Headquarters building re-roof, Chelan County, WAOct 6
 Concourse A, B, C carpet replacement, SeaTac, WAOct 6
 Direct digital control (DDC) contractor prequalificationOct 6
 Neighborhood House toddler classrooms, Burien, WAOct 7
 Tunk Reservation boundary fencing segment No. 1, Okanogan County, WAOct 7
 2017 Haul-out and maintenance for the vehicle and passenger ferry M/V Guemes, Skagit County, WAOct 10
 Marshall Community Center pool upgrades - Rebid, Vancouver, WAOct 11
 Lake Easton State Park - RV loop electrical replacement, Easton, WAOct 11
Enhanced wireless connectivity work order, King County, WAOct 11
 PDXNext terminal seat power receptacles, Portland, OROct 11
 Job order contracting firms, Spokane, WAOct 11
 Diablo powerhouse AC panel upgrade, Newhalem, WAOct 12
Multiple buildings clean and seal, Salem, OROct 12
 Mill Creek tenant improvement - The Gateway Building, Mill Creek, WAOct 13
 Towers and south atrium lighting upgrades at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OROct 13
 2016 Pile driving, Vancouver, WAOct 13
Downtown lighting - Phase 2, Springfield, OROct 13
 Buildings 9 and 20 fire alarm replacement system and electrical upgradesOct 13
 Steel press box at Lobe Fields No. 1, Bremerton, WAOct 13
 2016 - 2017 Concrete services pool, Shelton, WAOct 14
 Roof replacement - Metropolitan Regional Center, Portland, OROct 18
 WSRU shower renovations at Monroe Correctional Complex, Monroe, WAOct 18
 Portland State office building upgrade - Pneumatic fans, Portland, OROct 20
 Healing Hearts Loft, Tacoma, WAOct 28
 Archives Building dehumidification, Salem, ORNov 1
 Landscaping maintenance services - Multiple libraries, King County, WANov 2
 March Point Road shoulder widening, Anacortes, WASep 27
 SH-55, Overhead message sign to Avimor, Ada County, IDSep 27
 Curbs, gutters, sidewalks and driveways, Buckley, WASep 27
 Hazel Dell Road improvement - Mitigation plan project, Cowlitz County, WASep 27
 2016 Landscape maintenance - STIA south area on-call, SeaTac, WASep 27
 Asphalt replacement at Corinthian Apartments, SeaTac, WASep 27
 2016 Permeable streets program, Puyallup, WASep 27
 2016 Landfill beach nourishment, Port Angeles, WASep 27
 Marine Drive/BNSF Bridge No. 172 Bicycle warning system, Whatcom County, WASep 27
 2016 Swift Creek sediment removal, Whatcom County, WASep 27
 Sandy Beach debris boom construction at Government Island, Portland, ORSep 28
 Recessed highway marker grind-outs, Kitsap County, WASep 28
 I-5, Exits 119 and 120 interchange improvements, Douglas County, ORSep 29
 Parking lot and roadway seal, strip, stencil and curb painting, Multnomah County, ORSep 29
 Retaining wall renovations at Vantage Glen, Renton, WASep 29
 Coos Bay-Roseburg Highway 42 horizontal drains, Douglas County, ORSep 29
 Buttercup Lane road improvements, Inchelium, WASep 30
 Flight corridor safety program - Phase 1, Seattle, WAOct 3
 Hoag Road sidewalk and bike lane gap elimination, Mount Vernon, WAOct 4
 Ebey waterfront trail, Marysville, WAOct 4
 FY17 OR State Line to South Fourth Street West, Homedale, IDOct 4
 Southwest Fischer Road - Southwest 131st Avenue to Southwest Pacific Highway (99W), Washington County, OROct 5
 PCC railroad rehabilitation P&L Branch/WIM Branch, Spokane & Whitman Counties, WAOct 5
 SR 18, Green River Bridge vicinity emergency slide repair, King County, WAOct 5
 2016 Region 1 local roads signal upgrades, Portland, OROct 6
 Region 1 rural safety improvements, Various locations, OROct 6
 Yaquina River (Trapp Creek Road) Bridge No. 12118A, Lincoln County, OROct 6
 2016 Sidewalk and ADA ramp enhancement, Milwaukie, OROct 6
 2016 Marina bankline improvements Phase III, Grays Harbor County, WAOct 6
70th Avenue signal modifications, Fife, WAOct 7
 Concourse D hardstands at Sea-Tac International Airport - Design-build, SeaTac, WAOct 10
 2016 Mattawa crushing and stockpiling, Mattawa, WAOct 11
 Howard Creek Bridge No. 496 replacement, Snohomish County, WAOct 11
 2015 Guardrail and bridge rail, Clark County, WAOct 11
 Hayes Road North and South and Washougal River Road and Lockwood Road safety improvements, Clark County, WAOct 11
 Seawalk - Bridge to Gold Creek, Phase III, Juneau, AKOct 11
 Taylor Highway MP 64 - Canadian border (MP 67 construction) and Taylor Highway new waysides (FLAP)Oct 11
 2016 Yauger skate court remodel, Olympia, WAOct 12
 SR 104, Hood Canal Bridge special repair - Gear box, Jefferson & Kitsap Counties, WAOct 12
 15-17 OR region wide I/S implementation program and basic safety - Signing, Various locations, WAOct 12
 I-5 & SR 503 Intersection improvements, Clark County, WAOct 12
 Northeast Northlake Way, Northeast 95th Street, Northeast 83rd Street sidewalks, Seattle, WAOct 12
 North Fork Road bridge erosion repairOct 12
 OR 99W, Lake Slough Bridge replacement, Benton County, OROct 13
 OR22: Willamette River eastbound (Center Street) bridge deck overlay on Willamina - Salem Highway, Polk & Marion Counties, OROct 13
 US26: Gumwood Lane - Earl Street section of Warm Springs Highway, Madras, OROct 13
 Region 5 local jurisdiction sign upgrade 2016 project on various local roadwaysOct 13
 OR99E: Southeast Harold Street - Southeast Harrison Street section of Pacific Highway East, Portland, OROct 13
 Region 4 HSIP transition rural project on various roadsOct 13
 2016 Asphalt and concrete pavement repairs and aircraft washdown facility, Burlington, WAOct 13
 Northwest Harbor Avenue improvements, Phase II, Lincoln City, OROct 13
 2016 Pier 3 pile repairs, Everett, WAOct 18
 Weiser River Bridge to north of Midvale, Washington County, IDOct 18
 I-84, Northside Canal Bridge to Interchange No. 201 westbound, Various locations, IDOct 18
 FY17 Bear Lake County pavement preservation, Bear Lake County, IDOct 18
 Portage Cove harbor expansion, Haines, AKOct 19
 US 101, Thomas Creek and Reinhart Creek bridge painting, Curry County, OROct 20
 W53.1 & W61 Lateral concrete lining , Grant County, WAOct 20
Northeast 18th Street improvements segment 1B - Four Seasons Lane to 136th Avenue, Vancouver, WAOct 25
 Three Mile Lane Pump Station No. 3, McMinnville, ORSep 27
 Oak Street water conservation, Talent, ORSep 27
 Lone Pine well expansion and improvements, The Dalles, ORSep 27
 Pressure zone 430 conversion to 411/475 and Sahalee subdivision, Anchorage, AKSep 27
 458 - 424 Zone merge, Anchorage, AKSep 27
 2016 CDBG water system improvements, Cheney, WASep 28
 2016 Sanitary and storm sewer lining, Mount Vernon, WASep 28
 Burien Town Square Park water feature renovation, Burien, WASep 28
 Circuit 12-124 Lake Stevens transmission and distribution line clearance, Snohomish County, WASep 28
 2016 Water main replacement project, EW-0230, Bellingham, WASep 29
 Sludge dewatering system upgrade, Olympia, WASep 29
 Parkway Court storm connection, Wilsonville, ORSep 29
 Voyage pump station upgrade, Lincoln, ORSep 29
 Well replacement - Village of Pasco Heights, Pasco, WASep 29
 Ellsworth Production Wells - Well rehabilitation, Vancouver, WASep 29
 Ellsworth Production Wells - Well pump replacement and repair, Vancouver, WASep 29
 Three reconductor projects - Distribution line contractors, Stevens County, WASep 29
 Centrate handling improvements, Olympia, WASep 30
 Cabling and wiring services, Klamath County, ORSep 30
 114th Avenue (Canyon Road to McBride Place) 12 inch waterline, Beaverton, ORSep 30
 Re-power Well Houses No. 1, 2 and 3, Whittier, AKSep 30
 2016 Annual drainage improvements, Bainbridge Island, WAOct 3
 2016 Water supply and storage improvements, Port Orchard, WAOct 4
 Water quality retrofits for existing drywells, Vancouver, WAOct 4
 Northwest 20th Street and Simpson and vicinity sewer rehabilitation, Vancouver, WAOct 4
 Boulevard Manor site improvements, Burien, WAOct 4
 Deschutes Cove Apartments sewer conversion, Tumwater, WAOct 4
 Small diameter rehabilitation, FY17 Phase 1, Boise, IDOct 5
 Power line clearance and utility tree trimming services, McMinnville, OROct 5
 East Union Street, 10th to 11th Avenue - 26kV underground conversion, Seattle, WAOct 5
 Water restoration plant, Phase Two upgrade - Design-build services, Grants Pass, OROct 5
 Net pen RV park new production well drilling, Okanogan County, WAOct 6
 Kirkland Place drainage repair, Kirkland, WAOct 6
 Wanapum and Priest Rapids spillway and fish ladder maintenance and repairs, Grant County, WAOct 6
 Carmel Avenue reconstruction, Manzanita, OROct 6
 Manchester pump stations 45, 46 and 47 and beach lines rehabilitation, Kitsap County, WAOct 6
 On-call electrician services, Lake Oswego, OROct 11
 Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium - Holding facility life support system, Tacoma, WAOct 11
Lift station No. 3 force main and water main replacement, Kenmore, WAOct 12
 Railroad Street sewer line addition & waterline replacement, Brookings, OROct 12
 2015 Spot sewer and lining contract 1, Seattle, WAOct 12
 Island County septage treatment facility upgrades, Island County, WAOct 13
Esquatzel pumping plant, Franklin County, WAOct 19
 Addition of west embankment piezometers for the Wells Hydroelectric Project, Douglas County, WAOct 24
 Water system reconstruction, Springfield, OROct 25
Campbell Drive Southeast and Cranston Street Southeast storm pipe replacement, Salem, OROct 25

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