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Projects Meetings Addenda/Bid Date Changes My Downloads Tracked Projects
  Title, LocationDue
 Rainier Beach High School-based health center renovation, Seattle, WAJul 29
 Lab II second floor renovation, Olympia, WAJul 29
 Chugiak Eagle River Senior Center storage building, Chugiak, AKJul 29
 CM/GC - Major renovation of Rockwood Community Office Building, Gresham, ORJul 30
 Diablo storage building, Diablo, WAJul 30
 Renovations to first floor of the Main Office Building, Chehalis, WAJul 30
 South Denali Ranger Contact Station and Maintenance Shop, Denali, AKJul 30
 Renton Highlands Library, Renton, WAJul 31
 CM/GC services for Hillsboro Public Works Facility, Hillsboro, ORJul 31
 Colton K-12 modernizaton and addition, Colton, WAJul 31
 Greeley Heights, LIHTC general contractor construction services, Warm Springs, ORAug 1
 Roseburg Armory renovation, Roseburg, ORAug 4
 Othello region transportation facility, Othello, WAAug 5
 Wildlife research laboratory design-build services, Eagle, IDAug 5
 Mobile emergency vehicle building - Alcantra design-buildAug 6
 Oakridge - Westfir Ride Center, Oakridge, ORAug 7
 Public Works storage building, Blaine, WAAug 7
 SRE equipment shelter, Pullman, WAAug 7
 Hunter education classroom and office building, Coeur d'Alene, IDAug 7
 AHFC 4300 Boniface Parkway first floor remodel, Anchorage, AKAug 7
 HMT Business and finance remodel, Beaverton, ORAug 7
 Pullman High School, Bid Package No. 2, Pullman, WAAug 7
 Public safety center building remodel - CM/GC services, Beaverton, ORAug 8
 Metal storage building at Buckley Readiness Center - Rebid, Camp Murray, WAAug 13
 Secure arrival door, Walla Walla, WAJul 29
 Building envelope upgrades at Woodland North Apartments, Lake Forest Park, WAJul 29
 Portland International Airport terminal carpet replacement, Portland, ORJul 29
 SR 160, Vashon and Fauntleroy ferry terminals roof replacement, King County, WAJul 30
 Elevator upgrades and overhaul - Adult detention center, Spokane County, WAJul 30
 Dayton Avenue boiler and control system replacement, Shoreline, WAJul 30
 Research Building HVAC replacement, Portland, ORJul 30
 Knik Arm Crossing structure removal, Anchorage, AKJul 30
 Lower Valley Transfer Station improvements, Granger, WAJul 30
 Five-year overhead door and automatic gate installation, repair and maintenance services, Washington County, ORJul 30
 Powers property pier demolition, Tacoma, WAJul 30
 Wallace River Hatchery resident energy upgrades and asbestos abatement - Rebid, Sultan, WAJul 30
 Headquarters Administrative Building roof repair, Pierce County, WAJul 30
 House and pole barn demolition, Hillsboro, ORJul 31
 Revision to cells, Mason County Jail, Shelton, WAJul 31
 North Bay Access Site toilet installation, Victor, WAJul 31
 WDFW CAPWAY Building repaint, Olympia, WAAug 4
 2015 Expo Idaho office and grand entrance, Boise, IDAug 4
 Building A roof and mechanical replacements, Bellingham, WAAug 5
 Facilities monitoring system renewal, Seattle, WAAug 5
 On-call HVAC maintenance services, Multnomah County, ORAug 5
 Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant secondary clarifiers guardrails replacement, Portland, ORAug 5
 East Campus Plaza water infiltration and elevator repairs, Olympia, WAAug 5
 Hidden Village ventilation upgrades, Bellevue, WAAug 6
 SMT parking garage improvements, Seattle, WAAug 6
 Bonneville Hatchery maintenance building roof replacement, Cascade Locks, ORAug 6
 Wenas Wildlife area elk fence replacement - Rebid, Selah, WAAug 6
 Chemistry Library Building fire protection, Seattle, WAAug 6
 Region 3 weather stations and camera installations on various highways in Southwest Oregon, Coos, Douglas & Jackson Counties, ORAug 7
 NSC 2014 demolition No. 2, Spokane County, WAAug 7
 Pinewood Terrace exterior upgrades, Vancouver, WAAug 7
 Index Hall demolition, Everett, WAAug 7
 Deering hybrid wind system supply and installation, Deering, AKAug 7
 Port Orchard ferry dock repainting, Port Orchard, WAAug 7
 Kasch Sports Field lighting repairs, Everett, WAAug 7
 Parkland/Spanaway Library restroom renovation, Tacoma, WAAug 8
 2014 M/V Christine Anderson dry docking and overhaul, Pierce County, WAAug 8
 Environmental remediation services, Washington County, WAAug 8
 2014 Gate and Navaid improvements at William R Fairchild International Airport (CLM), Port Angeles, WAAug 11
 2014 Elevator maintenance and repair on-call seaport, Seattle, WAAug 12
 House and barns demolition , Portland, ORAug 12
 Terminal 18 remove IHI cranes, Seattle, WAAug 12
 Portland Tennis Center air support structure, Portland, ORAug 12
 Silverton City Hall First Floor and window replacement, Silverton, ORAug 12
 Renew The Blue - Eastside lighting, Multnomah County, ORAug 13
 Burndale Homes roof replacement, Auburn, WAAug 13
 Squalicum High School skyroof replacement, Bellingham, WAAug 14
 Plumbing replacement, Buildings B and C at Cascadian Apartments - Rebid, Bellevue, WAAug 14
 Plumbing replacement, Building B at Newporter Apartments - Rebid, Bellevue, WAAug 14
Vancouver Police Department evidence/equipment services fall protection, Vancouver, WAAug 14
 Communications cabling, design, installation and repair for information services, Thurston County, WAAug 15
 Lower Granite Juvenile Fish Facility Phase 1a, Walla Walla, WAAug 19
 On-call roofing maintenance and repair, Multnomah County, ORAug 19
 Tumwater Mats Lab HVAC and access controls - Upgrades, Tumwater, WAAug 20
 Admiralty Inlet pilot tidal project, Island County, WANov 5
 2014 TEMCO maintenance dredging, Kalama, WAJul 29
 Division Street overlay and pedestrian safety, Ritzville, WAJul 29
 US 30 Bypass: North Tyler Avenue - North Burr Avenue, Multnomah County, ORJul 29
 Cousins Road asphalt, Chehalis, WAJul 29
 East Marginal Way Phase II improvements/Argo Yard truck roadway, Seattle, WAJul 29
 Richland Airport obstruction mitigation and fencing, Richland, WAJul 29
 2014 Street overlay improvements, Dundee, ORJul 29
 Road Milepost .6 - 1.8, Portland, ORJul 29
 Barrett Avenue pavement rehabilitation, Ferndale & Blaine, WAJul 29
 Richland Airfield marking and 2014 port-wide pavement maintenance, Richland, WAJul 29
 Reach 4 habitat aggregate augmentation, Chelan County, WAJul 29
 SR 20 spur, Vehicle reservations Phase 2 - ITS systems, Skagit & San Juan Counties, WAJul 30
 US 12, 0.80 miles east Clear Creek Falls viewpoint - Rockfall mesh repair, Yakima County, WAJul 30
 2014 BRRP 15th Avenue West interchange bridge, Seattle, WAJul 30
 2014 Pedestrian projects - North package, Seattle, WAJul 30
 Rainier Vista Park 33, Seattle, WAJul 30
 Lincoln Rock State Park and Daroga State Park dock and pile replacements, Chelan County, WAJul 30
 Service Center parking lot expansion, Marysville, WAJul 30
 SR167/Eighth Street East vicinity to South 277th Street vicinity - Southbound HOT lane, King & Pierce Counties, WAJul 31
 McLeod Road culvert replacement, EV0101, Bellingham, WAJul 31
 Railroad Avenue improvements, Cashmere, WAJul 31
 Pavement marking replacement, Olympia, WAJul 31
 Two-inch overlay on US 20, Highway 16 (Sanitam Highway) Milepost 36.4 to Milepost 38.4, Linn County, ORJul 31
 Tacoma Smelter Plume - Yard program, Summer 2014, property group J, Tacoma, WAJul 31
 Driscoll fish passage - Rebid, Snohomish County, WAAug 1
 94th Avenue East/144th Street East intersection, Pierce County, WAAug 1
 Pettybone Bridge, Walla Walla, WAAug 4
 2014 Overlay, Burien, WAAug 4
 Circle View dikes repairAug 4
 Family Forest fish passage culvert replacement, Snohomish County, WAAug 4
 Pavement restoration services for utility cuts and miscellaneous areas, Tacoma, WAAug 5
Main Street sidewalks - Phase 2, Kittitas, WAAug 5
 Alder Crest Apartments stair and walkway replacement, Seattle, WAAug 5
 EB1 rail connection, Tacoma, WAAug 5
 I-84B intersection, Old Highway 30, Mountain Home, Elmore County, IDAug 5
 SMA-7406, Pancheri Drive; Bellin Road to Skyline Drive, Bonneville County, IDAug 5
 Cordova Point Whitshed Road Milepost 0-3 asphalt surface repairsAug 5
 Chambers Creek and Steilacoom piling and dock removal, Pierce County, WAAug 5
 2014 Citywide storm drainage improvements, Edmonds, WAAug 5
 54th Avenue East/UPRR automated gates, Fife, WAAug 5
 Lincoln Street pavement rehabilitation, Sherwood, ORAug 5
Rice Lane pedestrian improvements (First Street to Inez Lane), Amity, ORAug 5
 Chinook River Estuary restoration, Pacific County, WAAug 5
 2014 Asphalt paving, Longview, WAAug 5
 MIC Street smart non motorized, Tukwila, WAAug 6
 Point Fosdick Drive Northwest sidewalk improvements, Gig Harbor, WAAug 6
 Maple Avenue sidewalk, Forks, WAAug 6
Wynoochee chip sealing, Tacoma, WAAug 6
 State Avenue improvements - Paving, stormwater retrofit, and small diameter water main replacement, Olympia, WAAug 6
 Kwechak Creek revetment, Seward, AKAug 6
 2014 Citywide curb ramp repair, Seattle, WAAug 6
 Soldotna: Birch Street signal at Sterling Highway, Soldotna, AKAug 6
 2014 ADA upgrades, Anchorage, AKAug 6
 McKee Bridge Road: Applegate R (McKee covered bridge) rehabilitation near Jacksonville, Jackson County, ORAug 7
 CMAQ - La Grande paving 2014 section of various streets, La Grande, ORAug 7
 Buff Street: 10th Street - McTaggart Road, Madras, ORAug 7
 Barber Street: Coffee Lake Loop - Kinsman (Wilsonville) section, Wilsonville, ORAug 7
 Cascade View Elementary safe routes to school, Tukwila, WAAug 7
 Alpha Taxiway rehabilitation, Yakima, WAAug 7
 Milner Loop Road, ID BLM BUR 16176(1)Aug 8
Appleway Trail Phase 2A earthwork, Spokane Valley, WAAug 8
 Tacoma Narrows Airport fence improvements/pavement rehabilitation - Airport and Ferry Division, Pierce County, WAAug 8
 Portage Glacier Road embankments stabilizationAug 8
 2014 Countywide hot mix overlay, King County, WAAug 10
 Old Salem Road overlay, Linn County, ORAug 12
 Tacoma Avenue South bridge rehabilitation, Tacoma, WAAug 12
 LID 8652-1, 8652-2, and 8655-1, Tacoma, WAAug 12
 Loup Loup Bridge replacement, Okanogan County, WAAug 12
 HB 2001 paving, Boardman, ORAug 12
 FY 15 District 4 pavement preservation, Minidoka & Cassia Counties, IDAug 12
 Hayden Bridge North Filter Building and Basin structural improvements, Springfield, ORAug 12
 SMA-7122, Addison Avenue and Carriage Lane, Twin Falls County, IDAug 12
 Kennewick Washington State Patrol parking lot rehabilitation, Kennewick, WAAug 13
 US 97, Branch Road/RR X-ing - Upgrade warning system, Yakima County, WAAug 13
 Taxiway K realignment and rehabilitation of Taxiways J, F, and K, Boise, IDAug 13
 2014 Pedestrian upgrades - South Package, Seattle, WAAug 13
 SRP: Hogback Mountain civil improvementsAug 14
 Park Operations asphalt path improvements, Remond, WAAug 14
 2014 HMA overlays, Mason County, WAAug 15
 Former Shell Oil tank farm site cleanup action, Anacortes, WAAug 15
 Off-system, Pleasant Valley Creek Bridge, Clark County, IDAug 19
 OR18: Newberg-Dundee bypass (Phase 1E) section of Salmon River Highway, Yamhill County, ORAug 21
 2014 Sewage lift station upgrades design-build, Sitka, AKJul 29
 James Street pump station, Kent, WAJul 29
 Federal Way High School: Project 1 - Storm pond and portables preparation, Federal Way, WAJul 29
 Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR) test well drilling, Cornelius, ORJul 29
 WWTP headworks bypass, Ferndale, WAJul 29
 Installation of a storm sewer system in La Pine, La Pine, ORJul 29
 Bolin Street storm drain upgrade, Anchorage, AKJul 29
 Payne pump station district capital improvement program, Clark County, WAJul 30
 Storm main cleaning, Tacoma, WAJul 30
 Sitka UV disinfection facility, Sitka, AKJul 30
 ANC Postmark storm drain outfall repairsJul 30
 2014 Mainline sewer CIPP rehabilitation, King County, WAJul 30
 View Ridge southern segments conduit installation, Seattle, WAJul 30
 Multiple water and sewer systems improvement, Stevens County, WAJul 30
 Wastewater treatment facility primary sludge gravity thickener mechanism replacement, Burlington, WAJul 31
 Lake Whatcom ROW retrofits - Water quality improvements, EV0104, Bellingham, WAJul 31
 Tri-City WPCP lime storage silo addition, Oregon City, ORJul 31
 Schooner Creek transmission main crossing, Lincoln City, ORJul 31
 Rocky Reach spillway apron concrete repair, Chelan County, WAJul 31
 PS-10 rehabilitation/PS-5 and PS-6 wetwell coating, Fife, WAAug 1
 Chestnut Street stormwater system upgrade, Kelso, WAAug 1
 2014 Clover Drive Lift Station, Moses Lake, WAAug 5
 Gresham test well No. 1, Gresham, ORAug 5
 Arsenic treatment - Rebid, Whatcom County, WAAug 6
178th water main replacement and relocation, Lake Forest Park, WAAug 6
 Waterfront utility improvements, Vancouver, WAAug 6
 Gages Slough stormwater LID, Burlington, WAAug 6
 Dixie drain phosphorus removal - CM/GC services, Canyon County, IDAug 6
 Island Crest surface water upgrades, Mercer Island, WAAug 6
 Mero Road/195th water main replacement, Snohomish County, WAAug 7
 2014 Hankins water storage tank, Twin Falls, IDAug 7
 Lacey Well 1B drilling, Kootenai County, IDAug 8
 2014 Calais subdivision water and drainage improvements, Anchorage, AKAug 8
 Number 1 Canyon water quality facility, Chelan County, WAAug 12
 Manchester stormwater retrofit - Phase 1, Kitsap County, WAAug 12
50th Place pond retrofit, Mukilteo, WAAug 12
 Well No. 3, King County, WAAug 13
LOP pilot water exchange - Well drilling, Lewiston, IDAug 13
 300 Block alley Farallone/Eldorado sewer, Fircrest, WAAug 14
 Fremont siphon replacement and odor control facility, Seattle, WAAug 14
 Price agreement for urgent rehabilitation of sanitary and storm sewer, Portland, ORAug 14
 Source, reservoir, and treatment, Olympia, WAAug 15
 UAF Combined heat and power plant CM/GC services, Fairbanks, AKAug 19
Lift Station No. 46 and Covington Way/SR516/SR18 trenchless crossing, King County, WAAug 21
 Process control system upgrade, Tacoma, WAAug 26
 Hydro exciter replacement, Tacoma, WAAug 26

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