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Projects Meetings Addenda/Bid Date Changes My Downloads Tracked Projects
  Title, LocationDue
 Federal Way High School: Project 2 - High school replacement, Federal Way, WAOct 21
 Howard Elementary School, Eugene, OROct 21
 Florence Zone Shop miscellaneous improvements, Forence, OROct 21
 SRE equipment shelter - Rebid, Pullman, WAOct 22
 Office renovations and upgrades, Walla Walla, WAOct 22
 MOA Physical Therapy tenant improvements (TI), Anchorage, AKOct 23
Station 2 renovation and addition, The Dalles, OROct 29
 TMSF office and maintenance building CM/GC services, Boise, IDOct 29
 Fire Station 18, Seattle, WAOct 29
 Skokomish housing project - t3ba'das site, Skokomish Nation, WAOct 30
 Ada County Paramedics Station 17 renovation, Boise, IDNov 3
 ANMC Cardiology and Neurosurgery remodel, Anchorage, AKNov 6
 Construction manager/general contractor for middle school Schlador Campus reconstruction, Marion County, ORNov 6
 Plumbing/mechanical work order services, King County, WAOct 20
 Big Pasco Industrial Center Building T-209 (M&M Bolt) demolition, Pasco, WAOct 21
 Big Pasco Industrial Center Warehouse One Bay Two demolition, Pasco, WAOct 21
 Portable loading dock extension platform, Portland, OROct 21
 SMT 3 restroom remodel, Seattle, WAOct 22
 Fairgrounds LID improvements - Infiltration, Bremerton, WAOct 22
 MRW concrete floor resurfacing, Snohomish County, WAOct 23
 Akasofu restoration, Fairbanks, AKOct 23
 North Abbey Creek fence construction - MWESB firms only, Multnomah County, OROct 23
 On-call commercial flooring repair, Multnomah County, OROct 23
 Ship Creek water treatment facility heat exchange, Anchorage, AKOct 23
 DHW and shower upgrade at Washington Corrections Center for Women, Gig Harbor, WAOct 23
 Fire alarm replacement at Monroe Correctional Complex, Monroe, WAOct 23
 EE/CSE Cooling tower replacement, Seattle, WAOct 23
 Siding replacement - Rebid, SeaTac, WAOct 23
 HSIP: Glenn Highway continuous lighting Milepost 27-31Oct 24
 Centennial Center abatement, Vancouver, WAOct 24
 Redmond High School roof replacement, Redmond, OROct 24
 Hanshew Middle School lighting upgrades, Anchorage, AKOct 27
 Marion County Jail HVAC remediation services, Marion County, OROct 27
 Air Traffic Control Tower/Tower Base Building mechanical equipment renovation, Seattle, WAOct 28
 Connector painting - Expo MWESB firms only, Portland, OROct 28
 House demolition - MWESB firms only, Portland, OROct 28
 Office carpet replacement - MWESB firms only, Portland, OROct 28
 Barn demolition - MWESB firms only, Oregon City, OROct 28
 House demolition, Hillsboro, OROct 28
 McAllister Hall demolition, Pullman, WAOct 29
 Dietrich Activity Center domestic piping replacement, Walla Walla, WAOct 29
 Citywide ITS improvement - Field equipment, Kirkland, WAOct 29
 On-call bus garage painting (interior and exterior)Oct 29
 Terrace Heights landfill improvements - Yard expansion and equipment garage, Yakima, WAOct 29
 Tennis court viewing window replacement - MWESB firms only, Portland, OROct 29
 Station 65 shower room remodel, Stanwood, WAOct 29
 US 395, NSC 2014 demo No. 3, Spokane County, WAOct 30
 Priest Rapids generator disconnect repairs, Grant County, WAOct 30
 Erickson demolition - MWESB firms only, Cornelius, OROct 30
 Frenchman Coulee and Vantage boat launch improvements, Grant County, WAOct 30
 Reconstruction of seven units in the Salishan housing development, Tacoma, WAOct 30
 HVAC equipment removal - MWESB firms only, Oregon City, OROct 30
 Y-Buildings boiler replacement, Fircrest School - RebidOct 30
 Stairwell replacement at Woodland North Apartments, Lake Forest Park, WAOct 30
 General repair work, Tacoma, WAOct 31
 Midday bus storage construction, King County, WAOct 31
 Municipal Light and Power Plant 1 Administration Building roof replacement, Anchorage, AKOct 31
 Power pole inspection, testing and treating, Lewis County, WANov 3
 Dairy farm/multiple house demolitionNov 4
 Artists at play playground, Seattle, WANov 5
 Building 22 interior improvements, Olympia, WANov 5
 Job order contracting services, Lane County, ORNov 6
 Wireless network infrastructure, Auburn, WANov 7
 Design/build with guaranteed maximum price for boat-yard improvements and new haul-out pier, Toledo, ORNov 10
 Elevator modernization, Portland, ORNov 12
 Reaney Park Pool complex improvements - Rebid, Pullman, WANov 20
 Division gateway - Third Avenue to Fourth Avenue, Spokane, WAOct 20
 Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail transit on-call construction services (clean up), Multnomah & Clackamas Counties, OROct 20
 Sunset Elementary sidewalk at West Lake Sammamish Parkway Southeast, Bellevue, WAOct 21
 MAX Trail: Ruby Junction - Cleveland Station, Gresham, OROct 21
 Richmond Beach saltwater park pedestrian bridge repairs, Shoreline, WAOct 21
 Local, FY14 ACHD overlays, Ada County, IDOct 21
 South Terminal Wharf upgrades for Ro/Ro, Everettt, WAOct 21
 Elliott Highway Milepost 107.7 - 120.5 reconstructionOct 21
 STC-7271, Cheyenne South Valley connector, Pocatello, Bannock County, IDOct 21
 US-95 Lewiston Hill northbound and southbound lanes rehab, Nez Perce County, IDOct 21
 US-26, Blaine County Line to Arco, Butte County, IDOct 21
 US-26 Junction SH-31 to Wyoming state line, Bonneville County, IDOct 21
 I-15, Interchange No. 47 to Interchange No. 67, Bannock County, IDOct 21
 Rogers Field lighting replacement, Pullman, WAOct 21
 Idaho Street to Sterling West Road, Bingham & Power Counties, IDOct 21
 SH-34, 4800 North Road to Treasureton Road, Franklin County, IDOct 21
 Sterling Highway erosion response MP 150 - 157Oct 22
 Westport ferry landing replacement section of Westport Ferry Road, Westport, OROct 23
 US97: Bend Parkway over Third and Division Streets deck overlay section of The Dalles - California Highway, Bend, OROct 23
 Wyss Road: Trask Slough Bridge No. 57C33 section of Wyss Road and Tone Road, Tillamook, OROct 23
 US30: B Street bike/ped path section of the Lower Columbia River Highway, Rainier, OROct 23
 Coon Creek (Pebble Creek Road) Bridge No. 13681A, Vernonia, OROct 23
 Freeman Road improvements, Central Point, OROct 23
 Slate Creek (Slate Creek Road) and Deer Creek (Lakeshore Drive) bridges, Selma, OROct 23
 Lakemont Boulevard Southeast and Southeast Cougar Mountain Way intersection improvements, Bellevue, WAOct 23
 Lower slough refugia habitat enhancement, Portland, OROct 23
 Blue Lake Park entry improvements, Fairview, OROct 23
 CDBG/NTSA traffic calming, Vancouver, WAOct 23
 Antinori Road extension CRID No. 21, Benton County, WAOct 28
 FY 15 District 3 sign upgrades, Ada & Elmore Counties, IDOct 28
 State, FY 15 District 3 guardrail upgrade, Canyon County, IDOct 28
 FY 15, District 3 ramp projects, Ada & Elmore Counties, IDOct 28
 State, FY 15, District 3 bridge deck lift extension, Canyon County, IDOct 28
 Intersection of Karcher and Middleton roads, Nampa, Canyon County, IDOct 28
 Natures Wood Duck Island Trail restoration, Ada County, IDOct 28
 Pedestrian crossings at four schools, Portland, OROct 28
 Tok Cutoff Milepost 50-60 resurfacingOct 28
 HSIP: Richardson Highway edgeline rumble strips, Glenallen, AKOct 28
 2014 North Port maintenance dredging, Kalama, WAOct 29
 Safe routes to school 2013 Anacortes covered bicycle parking, Anacortes, WAOct 29
 I-90, Two-way transit and HOV operations Stage 3, King County, WAOct 29
 US 20: Black Canyon - Harper project on the Central Oregon Highway, Vale, OROct 30
 US101: Wheeler - Wilson River project section of the Oregon Coast Highway, Tillamook, OROct 30
 I-84: Nelson Point - Lime section of the Old Oregon Trail Highway, Durkee, OROct 30
 Hermiston signals safety improvements of Umatilla-Stanfield Highway, Hermiston, OROct 30
 Kids' Trek, Eatonville, WAOct 30
 Juneau Fritz Cove Road rehabilitation and repair, Juneau, AKOct 30
 POW: Craig - Klawock guardrail improvementsOct 30
 West Burnside and Pearl crossing improvements, Portland, OROct 30
 Construct Carpenter Island public boat launch, Douglas County, WANov 3
 Bulkhead construction, Friday Harbor, WANov 3
 Robert Storrs Harbor - C Float replacement, Dutch Harbor, AKNov 4
 US-89, Third Street in Montpelier to Geneva, Bear Lake County, IDNov 4
 Arbon Valley guardrail improvements, Power County HD, Power County, IDNov 4
 SH-31, Swan Valley to Victor, Bonneville & Teton Counties, IDNov 4
 US-93, Rattlesnake Creek to Salmon and US-93, Salmon city streets, Lemhi County, IDNov 4
 Tok Cutoff Milepost 104 Tok River Bridge No. 0663Nov 4
 US-20, Idaho Falls area bridge preservation, Bridge 12310, Idaho Falls, IDNov 4
 Local, road and bridge guardrail, Madison County, IDNov 4
 JNU: Egan Drive multi-use path repair and bridge replacementNov 4
 I-5, Portland Avenue to Port of Tacoma Road - Northbound HOV, Pierce County, WANov 5
 SR 18, Green River (Neeley) Bridge painting, King County, WANov 5
 SR 509, South 160th Street vicinity to South 112th Street vicinity southbound paving and ADA compliance, King County, WANov 5
Seattle Ferry Terminal timber trestle preservation, Seattle, WANov 5
 2014 HSIP: Central Region crash cushions upgradeNov 5
 Marine Park trail improvements - MWESB firms only, Fairview, ORNov 5
 FFO - I-84: The Dalles - Fifteen Mile Creek section of the Columbia River Highway, The Dalles, ORNov 6
 Broadway Street: Willamette River (Broadway) Bridge painting, Portland, ORNov 6
OR99W: Gaarde/McDonald intersection improvements section of Pacific Highway West, Washington County, ORNov 6
 Alpha Taxiway rehabilitation, Yakima, WANov 6
POV Trail segments 1A and 1B, Vancouver, WANov 6
 SRP: Table Mountain BLM (Jackson) power run, Jackson County, ORNov 13
 Fairbanks and North Pole intersection striping - Interstate and non-interstate and CTP, Fairbanks, AKNov 13
High Street: Mill Creek bridge No. 470208 (Salem), Salem, ORNov 18
WVFA Subaru track relocation - Project 10, Vancouver, WANov 20
 Natural areas habitat restorationNov 25
 Trail hardening and improvements to the Saltery Cove and Portage Bay trailsDec 1
 Wastewater lift stations 25 and 31 pump and electrical upgrades, Thurston County, WAOct 20
 Kingsgate booster pump station and pipeline, Kirkland, WAOct 21
 Northgate Link extension N111 - Advance utility relocation, Northgate area, Seattle, WAOct 21
 Cowlitz Falls - North Shore collector construction for Tacoma Power, Lewis County, WAOct 21
 2014 Sanitary sewer repairs, Phase 1, Bellevue, WAOct 21
 Sewer cleaning and CCTV work order, King County, WAOct 21
 Airport Way 3 pump station improvements, Portland, OROct 21
 Domestic water emergency upgrade, Bellingham, WAOct 21
 LAN backbone project, Spokane, WAOct 21
 Barrow Street 10th/11th alley water and sewer upgrades, Anchorage, AKOct 21
 Vineyard Cove distribution system replacement, Mason County, WAOct 22
 North Creek interceptor sewer improvement, Snohomish County, WAOct 23
 2014 Gate 3 fire standpipe system upgrade, sprinkler supply line, and esplanade underdock fire system, Bellingham, WAOct 23
 Last Chance Basin 2014 source improvements, Juneau, AKOct 24
 AKP - North feeder upgrade, Anaktuvuk Pass, AKOct 24
 Water main replacement project No. MRP 2013-57, Tacoma, WAOct 28
 Potable water pipeline modifications - Eighth Street waterline relocation Phase 2, Dundee, OROct 28
 Seward Park water system replacement, Seattle, WAOct 29
 ANC Kulis transition repairs and modifications, Anchorage, AKOct 29
 2014 Sanitary sewer replacement downtown park, Bellevue, WAOct 30
 Fulton Pump Station replacement, Portland, ORNov 4
 2014 Wastewater treatment facility improvements, Canby, ORNov 4
 New welded steel 1 MG C-2 reservoir and improvements to the C-1 reservoir, Tualatin, ORNov 4
 Delridge CSO retrofits - Rebid, Seattle, WANov 5
 Salmon Creek Water Plant membrane filters supply and installation assistance, Juneau, AKNov 5
 Rowland's addition sanitary sewer rehabilitation, McMinnville, ORNov 6
 South transmission line modifications Reeds Crossing, Hillsboro, ORNov 8
 Morse Lake pump plant, North Bend, WANov 12

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